"Mountains" peaks at #11 on iTunes!

In a world where streaming music is becoming the primary way people listen to music, I was shocked to wake up the morning of my album release a few weeks ago and find "MOUNTAINS" sitting at #11 on the iTunes charts. 

Of course I was hoping for the album to break into the charts, especially after "Close To You" peaked at #9 back in 2014. But people don't buy music like they use to, so I had to temper my excitement and expectations in the weeks leading up to this release. I had to remind myself why I do this, why I write, and what I hope to accomplish with this album. 

I write music to inspire the listener to live a more faithful life. I write music to open the eyes of a listener to a God they may never have before experienced. I write music to bring hope and joy into people's lives. I write music to challenge people to live with purpose. I write music because I feel like I have a story to share, and I want to invite others into that story. 

So the iTunes charts, well, it is a very clear sign that what I am doing is having an impact and people are being moved by the songs that I am writing, but I could go on without it, because charts change, and eventually, fade away. But real LIFE with our Creator; true joy, passion, purpose; these things never change. If my music can in some small way bring even just one person in touch with who they were created to be, then I've had a successful career. 

I am humbled by your support. Let's continue on this journey together. I am very excited for what 2017 has in store. 



Connor FlanaganComment