I place my hope in the Giver...

I place my hope in the giver, not in the gifts that I have been given. 

This line has been a driving force in my life throughout these last three years. As I continue to grow as an artist and build a career, I am more and more convinced that if I tried to do this on my own I would fail. If I leaned solely on my song writing ability, or just on my guitar playing, or just on my ability to entertain, they would all fail me. There is a purpose in everything I do, and that purpose is to point hearts back to the Giver. If I take Him out of it, than all of this is for nothing. 

And this goes beyond just my music career; my marriage, my friendships, my ministry; if you take out the Giver, you take out the purpose, and you are left with nothing to lean on, nothing to motivate you, you are left with no hope. 

So let us place all of our hope in the Giver, and not in the gifts we've been given. May our joy be found in Him and Him alone. 

Connor FlanaganComment