The Wrap Up - February 2018

Dang, February was kind of crazy. It's already a week or two in to March and I am just now getting this wrap up out to you all. March & April will definitely be slower. I will not be traveling as much (which is great for my family and I) because I am working on a new record! That's right. New music is only a few months away! More on that later... keep reading...

What I've learned: Generosity always wins. I think some day I am going to write a book with this as the title. I have been so convicted of this simple truth. This month I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people both on the road and here in the Twin Cities. And every time I have been so struck by how generous people are, how much they want to encourage me and see me win! That's not the norm in today's culture. I want to challenge you today. Be generous. Be generous with your time, your money, your home, your encouragement, whatever you have to give, give more. You will be glad you did. Generosity always wins. Always.

What I read: This month I read a book called "Healing" by Mary Healy. It is an amazing book talking about the healing power of God and how our heavenly Father desires our healing and complete restoration on a daily basis. One thing that I haven't been able to stop thinking about is this: if I don't believe in a God powerful enough to heal the sick today, then whats the point? What do I actually believe in? This book has been stretching my faithfulness and boldness in prayer. I highly recommend it.

Where I've Played: If you've been following me at all on social media, you know that this month we had the opportunity to open for David Crowder on a three show run in the Carolinas. It was an incredible experience. We drove with all of our gear from the negative temperatures of Saint Paul to the sunny land of the south! In total, we drove 2,700 miles, spent over 40 hours in a van, and drank enormous amounts of coffee. I learned so much on this trip. I got a small glimpse in to what the tour life is like, I learned how to manage a band, deal with major technical difficulties, entertain and pray with a totally new and different crowd of people, and so much more. In a few days I will be posting a blog post about it here on my website, so check back next week to hear more about that trip and what it was like.

What God has been saying to me: Psalm 116: "The Lord preserves the simple". This phrase has been at the forefront of my prayer this month. I have been trying to simplify my prayer life lately, spending more time in silence and less time talking. I'll let you know how it goes :)

Family life: Hadley is almost 7 months old! Both Katie and Hadley flew out to South Carolina to catch the last show of our three-show run with Crowder. It was awesome to have them there. Unfortunately, Hadley fell asleep right before the concert started. I guess she wasn't that interested. She probably was like, "whatever dad, I can just hear you play your songs at the kitchen table... I'm going to bed". Not only did Katie and Hadley come, but my mom, my sister Hannah and sister-in-law Theresa came down and followed us around for all three shows! From giving feedback on our set, to setting up and tearing down our merch table, to filming and taking pictures, it was so awesome to have the at every show. Truly a blessing. I honestly don't think I could have done it without them.

What I am listening too: Mat Kearney, Filous, Andrew Belle, Abraham Gross.

Random Thought: Anytime I meet someone new or see someone I haven't talked to in a while, they always ask, "How are you, how is life?". My go to response, every time, is "life is busy, good, but busy." Honestly, my life is so much more than just "busy". My life is awesome. God is doing great things, and it is only busy because I have been blessed with a ton of amazing opportunities. So for March and every month after, I am making an intentional effort to not use the word "busy" any more. My life isn't just busy, my life is awesome. I need to be better at embracing that and communicating it. I am tired of being defined by my "busyness".

Have a great rest of March! Happy almost St. Patrick's Day! Looking forward to touching base at the beginning of April. Peace!