The Wrap Up - April & May 2018


I missed a month! I am so sorry. We hit a few bumps in the road as a family which caused me to put this wrap up thing on hold for a month, so I am going to try to combine two months into one… here goes.



What I've learned: Life doesn’t slow down. It really doesn’t. But we can find time to be slow in the craziness of it. As a family, we have been dealing with some “family logistic issues” regarding our work schedules and having Hadley in daycare. I won’t get into all the details… but it became very important for my wife and I to be intentional about finding time to slow down, to talk, and just be with each other… more on this below.

What I read: I’ve had my nose in a couple books recently. I really just need to commit to one and finish it. I am still reading “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” which is rocking my world. I really want to be an awesome dad; spiritually, emotionally, all of the above… I have a lot of work to do. I also have started on “Orthodoxy” by G.K Chesterton. Whoooo… this one will be a slow read for me. Lastly, I am re-reading one of my favorite books of all time “The Way of the Heart” by Henri Nouwen.

Where I've Played: It has been a slow two months. In April we had a show at the University of Mary in Bismarck, ND, and in May we had a show in DePere, WI. I had never been to either of these cities. Check out my YouTube channel for highlights from each show.

What God has been saying to me: “Slow Down. Find Me”. This really ties in to what I started saying above about dealing with how fast paced life is. Everyday will present us with challenges, but everyday also presents us with new opportunities to encounter God. I have a choice each day. I can be swept up in the current of tasks and to-do lists. Or I can stand my ground, and find five minutes of silence to just be with God. This has been so helpful for me. I have been trying to do it at the beginning of the day, before the craziness ensues. It has been bringing me a lot of peace. I encourage you to try it. Five minutes of silence.

Family life: Awesome. Katie and I are loving life as parents. Hadley is almost 11 months old and just a rock star. Hadley’s favorite things to do are dance and hold things in her mouth. There is video evidence of her dancing, both arms up in the air, while holding one of her own shoes in her mouth. It is hysterical. We are also on the house hunt, so pray for that!

What I am listening too: Strangely enough, I have been listening to a lot of Jazz. Also, Andy Mineo dropped a new record called “The Arrow” which incredible. My favorite track is “Clarity”. If you ever have any musical suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments below! I love discovering new music!

Music Happenings: April & May have been full on "album production" months. I spent five days in Nashville tracking all of my vocals and networking with other musicians, producers, etc. It was a really life-giving week. This record has two different features on it, as well as some other backing vocals, all of which reside in different states. It has been a really fun challenge trying to get everyone to track their parts in their own respective hometowns, and then ship everything off to Nashville to be mixed into the final product. Guys, I am REALLY excited about this record. More on that in the June wrap up.



Looks like we made it! As I write this, I am thinking about all that has happened in June that I want to update you on. Good news! June is almost over, so I will be sitting down soon to write “the wrap up”. Check back in a few weeks! Thanks for following along on this crazy musical journey! Peace.

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