Be in my music video!


Wanna be in my next music video? Keep on reading. We'd love to have you involved!

So here's how this is gonna work. All you need to use is your phone (or a go pro works great too!). Prop it up in the front of your car so it's centered, and film yourself singing, dancing, moving, grooving to my new single "Landslide". The more creative your video... the more time your video will get in the actual music video. I am going to mash all of the submissions up to make one awesome music video!

How do you get access to my new single "Landslide"? That's easy, just head on over to the contact page, fill out a form with "Music Video" in the subject line, and I will send you a link to download it early!

If you need a point of reference, here is an artist who did this already... so this can help you in your creativity!

DEADLINE: I need all video submissions sent to me via google drive or dropbox by Wednesday, August 22. That's two weeks!

SOCIAL MEDIA: I kindly ask that you do not post anything about you making the video on social media until the song is out. Once the single drops and the music video is live, you can post all of the behind the scenes footage you want, but until then, let's keep this between us.

Feel free to email me with any questions! Can't wait to see what you all come up with.



Connor FlanaganComment