You won't ever steal my JOY!


This coming Friday I have a song coming out called “Steal My Joy”. The title can be a bit deceiving, as the song is about NOT letting things steal your joy. Every day I wake up, and from the moment I awake, literally, the very moment I wake up, rather than giving thanks & praise to God for another beautiful day, I roll over, pick up my phone, and read a news notification on my phone that immediately makes me start my day on a sad note. My joy is immediately stolen. This has to stop.

This song is loud, it bangs, and everything about it is aimed at ridding your life of those things that seek to steal your joy, and reinstate in your life those things in your life that bring you great joy, namely the one person who is the source of all joy, that is Jesus.

So whatever comes at you today. Stay close to Jesus. If you find yourself in a rough spot, cling to HIM. He will come through for you, and He will being you great Joy.

Connor FlanaganComment