The Wrap Up - June

What I read: Nothing. I was lazy in June. I have not finished any of the books that I have started. Grrrrr. I promise next month will be different.

Where I've Played: Luverne, MN stole our hearts. There is a long story behind this show, to long to share right now (I plan on writing a whole post about it). We played an outdoor show in the center of town to help some churches celebrate the end of their week of service. It was hot, sweaty, but oh so fun. We met some of the most incredible people too. Check back for the full story soon.

What God has been saying to me: “I am never outdone in generosity”. I have had several moments over the past month or so where I have completely doubted God and his ability to provide for certain things in my life. I’m not sure why or where the doubt comes from, but it was present and really driving me crazy. Sure enough, when I least expected it, God moved, blindsided me, and reminded me of how faithful He is and how He always has MORE to give us, MORE than we could ever expect. If you are where I was (and probably will be again at some point) be patient, hold fast, He has something great for you, trust his timing.

Family life: Katie is a teacher, so she has the summers off. June was a slow month of travel for me, so we spent a lot of our weekends together as a family, which was awesome. Two of our favorite spots to spend our Saturday mornings are at Hygga in lowertown, St. Paul or the lakes over in Minneapolis. Katie and I also celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! Holla!

What I am listening too: I am still on the jazz train. I know, I know... don’t get mad though :) I have also been diggin Ruslan, a west coast rapper from San Diego.

Music Happenings: The record is so close to being done! I will be getting rough mixes to listen to soon, and from there all we have to do is make a few last tweaks and we should be good to go. I am currently picking which songs will serve as the “singles” off the record, as well as putting together a release strategy. I am still booking out my tour for the fall as well!


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